Health problems in connection with radiation from radioactive matter in fertilizers, soils and rocks.

Publisert i 1988

Redaktør: J. Låg

  • J. Låg: Some geomedical problems in relation to soil science. Side 9.
  • Jon B. Reitan: Radioactivity and cancer. Side 17.
  • H. Kawamura, K. Shiraishi, Y Igarashi, and Y. Sakurai: Transfer of 90Sr in the environment to human bone and radiation dose due to the atomic bomb and weapons testing. Side 33.
  • Alina Dobrzanska: Health implications of natural and anthropogenic radioactivity. Side 51.
  • Charles E. Land: Methodological issues in epidemiological studies of radiation effects. Side 57.
  • P. Magnus and R. T. Lie: Medical registration of births - Possibilities for detecting radiation damage. Side 65.
  • U. Aswathanarayana: Natural radiation environment in the Minjingu phosphorite area, Northern Tanzania. Side 79.
  • U. Flodin and O. Axelson: Experiences from studies of leukemia, background radiation and other factors. Side 87.
  • B. Bølviken, H. Håbrekke and I. Lindahl: Mapping of the natural distribution of radioactive elements in Norway. Side 105.
  • S. Ormberg: Fertilizer consumption in Norway and natural radioactivity in the raw materials. Side 127.
  • K. Hove and A. Ekern: Combating radiocesium contamination in farm animals. Side 139
  • P. Oftedal: Genetic damage from low-level and natural background radiation. Side 155
  • J. B. Reitan and F. Langmark: Health and radiation: Surveillance and monitoring. Side 163.
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