Geomedical problems in developing countries

Publisert i 2000


Redaktør: J. Låg

  • Preface Side 7.
  • Låg, J. Some general geomedical problems in developing countries. Side 9.
  • J. Deckers et al.: State of the art on soil-related geo-medical issues in the world. Side 23.
  • B. Bølviken. Possibilities of nation-wide geochemical mapping in developing countries. Side 43.
  • E. Steinnes: Geochemical cycling of iodine and selenium and potential geomedical relevance. Side 55.
  • A. Flåøyen: Nordic involvement in veterinary research and education in southern Africa. Increased food safety - improved animal health. Side 61.
  • A. Flåøyen and T.W. Naudê: Poisonous plants of southern Africa resulting in livestock intoxication. Side 66.
  • H.M. Meltzer and Jan Alexander: Selenium and iodine in a global geomedical perspective. Side 76.
  • S.-W. Qiao: Thyroid cancer incidence and iodine levels in twenty-one countries. A correlational study. Side 86.
  • F. C. Sampaio and F. R. von der Fehr: Fluoride as geomedical problem in developing countries. Side 98.
  • E. Vigerust: Pollution from an industry city in China. Side 112.
  • M. A. Kashem, B. R. Singh and S.M.I Huq: Arsenic in drinking waters -a calamity to human health in Bangladesh. Side 125.
  • R. P. Narwal, B. R. Singh and M. S. Kuhad: Pollution potential of sewage and industrial effluents in India and their impact on soil health. Side 136.
  • J. Aaseth: Trace element compounds in liver diseases. Biomarkers on disease - modifying agents. Side 154.
  • J. Aaseth: Chronic liver diseases and immunological imbalances - is it related to oxidative damage? Side 163.
  • U. Aswathanarayana: A paradigm for addressing the natural and anthropogenic geomedical problems in the developing countries. Side 167.
  • I. H. Elsokkary: Traceelements contents of some ecosystems in Egypt as influenced by natural and anthropogenic sources. Side 179.
  • B. K. Sitaula et al.: Land degradation in Himalayan region. Side 179.
  • B. K. Sitaula et al.: Air, water and waste problem in Kathmandu valley. Side 209.
  • R. P. Neupane et al.: Deforestation and agroforestry in the hills of Nepal. Side 220.
  • P. Andersen and S. Sandvold: Nutrient deficiencies in cultivated soils. A study of macro -and micro -nutrients from Koshi Hills, Eastern Nepal.  Side 235.
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