The Meeting of two Cultures:

Sted: Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi

3. juni 2019 kl 18:00 - 3. juni 2019 kl 20:00

Archaeology meets Molecular Biology

Foto: Pixabay

Archaeology has, in recent years,been revolutionized by the possibility to sequence ancient DNA (aDNA). Technological progress through the past 20 years has allowed the detailed analysis of the DNA of thousands-of-years old humans.

The sequencing of genomic aDNA does not only represent an impressive and important technical advance, but has prompted a reinterpretation of central archaeologic and historic events.

Genomic sequencing of aDNA is altering our views of human history. The clash of the two cultures has not occurred without resistance and controversies. There are issues on both sides that sometimes have occluded a harmonic collaboration. Questions like “Where does a population come from?”, “How did the culture spread?”, “What is the origin of our language?” and “Who are the first inhabitants of this land?” have now, in some cases, gotten new answers, which has raised bitter conflicts.

This meeting will discuss how the novel techniques of molecular biology can contribute to our knowledge in archaeology, history, linguistics, philosophy, religion and epidemiology in a constructive way.

Professor Kristian Kristiansen, University of Gothenburg


1800–1810 Welcome

1810-1850 Professor Kristian Kristiansen, University of Gothenburg (picture):

The Third Science Revolution and its Possible Consequences in Archaeology

1850–1920 Comments by professor Martin Furholt, University og Oslo and  of researcher BastiaanStar,    University of Oslo

                                                          1920–1950 Open Discussion                                                                                                               
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