Passion for Science

Inspired by Space

Egget, Studentsenteret, Parkveien, Universitetet i Bergen

The Passion for Science Astro Symposium, Inspired by Space, is open to all interested in the current status and future direction of space research.

Inspired by space, Passion for Science
Foto: UiB.

Four outstanding scientists, including Kavli Prize Laureates Ewine van Dishoeck and Jane Luu, will present their personal perspective on what makes studying space so exciting to them and why it is important to us here on Earth. Topics will span from molecules in space and their role in the formation of stars and planets, over asteroids and comets in our solar system including visitors from interstellar space, to solar eruptions and the effects here at Earth of living in the outer atmosphere of the highly variable Sun.

In addition, we will have a panel discussion about the future of space research led off by questions from early career researchers at UiB and also offering opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

We welcome students, PhD candidates, young researchers, senior faculty staff, administration, collaboration partners and the public audience to take part in this exciting symposium about space science.