I samarbeid med NTVA

The Future of Work - The Content of Jobs

Ingeniørenes Hus Kronprinsens gate 17, 0251 Oslo

Konferansens nettside med oppdatert program.


Conference topics:

Xavier Fouger fra Dassult Systemes will talk about:

"How learning centers with industry involvement are used in the training of the work force".

Professor Hendrik Van Brussel from KU Leuven will talk on:

“Towards an inclusive robot society. Robotisation, automatisation and employment”.

Charles Fadel will talk on Artificial Intelligence in Education:

"Promises and Implications for Teaching and Learning
Emplyment outlook, and the competencies that will be sought after".

Trust in a time of transition – Cases from the Norwegian private and public sector – How is the Norwegian model enabling the transition
Panel on policies for the transition to the digital workplace.