Detalj styreromstol
Board room chairs at the Academy. Photo Hans Kristian Thorbjørnsen

The Board of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters 2020:

The Presidium

  • President: Hans Petter Graver
  • Vice Presidents: Kenneth Ruud and Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund
  • Secretary General: Øystein Hov

The Natural Sciences Division

  • Chairman: Kenneth Ruud
  • Vice chairman: Reidun Aalen
  • Secretary: Susanne Viefers

The Humanities and Social Sciences Division

  • Chairman: Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund
  • Vice chairman: Terje Lohndal
  • Secretary: Hilde Sandvik

Board members

  • Helge Holden
  • Unni Olsbye
  • Tore Rem