Academy Members

Membership in The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters is election based. The Academy has  Norwegian and foreign members.

Foreign members residing permanently in Norway also count as Norwegian members.

The members are divided into two divisions:

The Natural Sciences Division

  •     Group 1 Mathematics
  •     Group 2 Physics (including Astronomy and Geophysics)
  •     Group 3 Geological sciences
  •     Group 4 Chemistry
  •     Group 5 Biology
  •     Group 6 Cellular and Molecular Biology
  •     Group 7 Medical sciences
  •     Group 8 Technological sciences

The Humanities and Social Sciences Division

  •     Group 1 History
  •     Group 2 Culture and Aesthetics (including Archeology, Anthropology and Art History)
  •     Group 3 Philosophy and Psychology
  •     Group 4 Literary studies
  •     Group 5 Philology and Linguistics
  •     Group 6 Law
  •     Group 7 Social sciences (including Sociology, Political Science and Economics)
  •     Group 8 History of Religion and Theology


Nye medlemmer 2019 humaniora
New members 2019 in the Humanities and Social Sciences Division, from left: Leidulf Melve, Erling Sverdrup Sandmo, Helge Jordheim, Merete Glenne Øie, Charles Ivan Armstrong, Katja Franko, Bård Harstad and Cathrine Holst. Photo: Thomas B. Eckhoff

At the Annual meeting on May 3rd every year, new members are awarded their diplomas in a ceremony at the Grand Hotel Oslo.

The Natural Sciences Division may have up to 140 Norwegian and 100 foreign members under the age of 70. The Humanities and Social Sciences Division may have up to 120 Norwegian and 60 foreign members under the age of 70.

The two divisions are subdivided into groups based on fields or disciplines.

A seat becomes available when a member passes away or turns 70 years of age. Members who have passed the 70 year age limit remain full members and keep the right to vote. 

The Academy may also have up to ten honorary members, who are exempt from the class- and group division.

The membership numbers of the Academy are as follows as of 31 December 2019:

Nye medlemmer 2019 matnat
New members 2019 in the Natural Sciences Division, from left: Fred Espen Benth, Ingrid Kristine Glad, Christoph Heinze, Stephanie Werner, Karl Petter Lillerud and Eva Gerdts. Photo: Thomas B. Eckhoff

The Natural Sciences Division:

  • Norwegian members: 273
  • Foreign members: 249

The Humanities and Social Sciences Division:

  • Norwegian members: 242
  • Foreign members: 158

In total: 922

Members who passed away in 2019: 18